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History, from yesterday to today

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History, from yesterday to today

One place, one story

The Domaine has a rich history. Notre-Dame de la Route was built in 1959 for the novitiate of the Jesuit community. In 1975, Father Jean Rotzetter sj founded a community there, with the aim of developing the house as a spiritual centre. Since then, this unique place, conducive to rejuvenation, has hosted numerous training courses, conferences and retreats. Until 2015, it was also the community’s living space.

Spirituality on the move

The Domaine is located on the Way of Santiago de Compostela. This famous route is used by more than 25,000 people per year. The reasons for crossing this trail can be religious, spiritual or sporting.

The Domaine’s chapel and its beautiful stained glass windows are a place of meditation and celebration for guests who wish to do so and for people from the neighbourhood. The Labyrinth, the large park, as well as the nearby Bois de Moncor allow for a meditative walk.


The Jesuits remain the owners of the building. However, the CIS has resumed the exploitation of this unique place, whose spirit it perpetuates in a secular perspective, open to all. From accommodation to catering and our range of seminars, everything is designed to ensure that you spend a relaxing and inspiring stay with us. We seek to offer you an environment conducive to the refocusing, sharing and harmony of energies.

Faithful to the house’s vocation of formation, throughout the year, we offer, in parallel with the owner’s program, a program of activities and events to allow you to deepen, discover and open yourself to new horizons.

We are also thinking about tomorrow, which is why we are taking action to promote sustainable development.

Our commitment is first and foremost social and is illustrated by our socio-professional reintegration program. For more information, visit the CIS page.

We are of course careful in our daily management to preserve the environment. It is therefore only natural that we encourage you to use public transport to get to the Domaine.

Finally, we seek economic efficiency by ensuring sound and sustainable management, without prejudice to the environment and social issues.