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Seminar rooms unlike other

Each group has its own atmosphere.
Every meeting has its own purpose.
Each person has his or her own energy.

Are you looking for a room to rent in Fribourg ? Discover our range of seminar rooms based on the benefits of the five elements of Feng-shui. All our rooms are modular according to your needs, so that you can achieve your objectives in serenity and sharing.

Each participant can choose his place according to his needs.


“Process – organization – operating methods” seminar

The WATER element brings calm and serenity. The blue colour gives a feeling of lightness.


“Creativity – imagination” seminar

The WOOD element stimulates new ideas and creativity. The green colour brings serenity and revitalizes the body.


“Vision – strategy” seminar

The FIRE element stimulates energy, vision and lighting. The red colour is a warm, activating and energizing colour.


“Realization – implementation of projects” seminar

The EARTH element stimulates the realization of projects and dreams as well as the joy of living.The orange colour has a joyful and invigorating effect.


“Ethics, rigour – financial strategy” seminar

The METAL element stimulates concentration and demand. The grey colour has a lightening effect.

Our meetings offer is adapted to your needs. Family celebration, banquet for a special occasion or aperitif in the garden, we are at your disposal to discuss your event together and propose an offer that meets your expectations.

Our offer for your events at the Domaine:

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