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The strength of harmony, an accomodation that meets your needs.

Just the essentials for a restful sleep.

Each room is arranged according to one of the five elements of Feng-shui. The energies that circulate there contribute to your resourcing. Here, we offer you a « no-frills » accomodation. The rooms are spacious and refined, all in sobriety. If we have chosen rooms without TV, the free WiFi connection will allow you to fully enjoy your personal equipment. Or take this opportunity to simply disconnect, rediscover the simple pleasures of a walk in the park or reading in our library.

We have, as far as possible, taken over the existing furniture. It has been renovated by our wooden workshop, which employs people undergoing evaluation for the purpose of their reintegration into the labour market. As for the new furniture, it was made to measure by a local craftsman. The chosen materials are environmentally friendly and provide a healthy atmosphere in the rooms.

Wood, fire, earth, metal or water, enjoy the benefits and simplicity of each element. Choose the one that makes you feel good!

  • The Wood element
    It stimulates new ideas, creativity. The green colour brings balance, serenity and revitalizes the body.
  • The Fire element
    It stimulates energy, vision and light. Carmine red is a warm, activating and energizing colour.
  • The Earth element
    It stimulates the realization of projects and dreams, as well as the joy of living. The terracotta colour has a joyful and invigorating effect.
  • The Metal element
    It stimulates concentration and demand. The warm grey colour creats contemplation and clarity.
  • The Water element
    It brings calm and serenity. The blue colour gives a feeling of fullness.

Accomodation schedules

Reception Check in Check out
  • Mon-Sat. : 6:30am-9:30pm
  • Sun. : 6:30am-8:00pm
  • from 2:00pm
  • until 11:00am

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