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The Labyrinth

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The Labyrinth

Step by step, a journey to the heart of oneself.

The Labyrinth is a symbol steeped in history, whose traces go back more than five thousand years. Different peoples have used it to express religious experiences. By the 12thcentury, labyrinths appeared in French Gothic cathedrals. Walking there had the symbolic value of a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Today, as in the past, the path of a labyrinth favours access to the spiritual path of the person.

Like the labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral, the one installed in the park by the Jesuit community of Fribourg runs through eleven concentric circles. It has a diameter of 27m and enables to travel 556m. The demarcation of the course was done with oblong stones. These come from the Tatüre quarry on Plasselb in the canton of Fribourg. They are placed vertically in the ground like small stelae.

The Labyrinth, the strong emblem of the area, inspired the logo of Domaine Notre-Dame de la Route. It reflects our desire to offer you here a place that helps you to go to the centre of things, to take the time, to breathe.

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