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Various activities to boost creativity and team cohesion

ALTO health capsules

Our colleagues at ALTO Espace santé* offer wellness workshops for groups of 5 or more to boost your seminars.

From 50 to 60 minutes each, they allow you to work dynamism, concentration or relaxation. What to be in good shape for your seminar and attack for your group work day. Choose from our 4 health capsules:

“Energizer” course

“Breathing and Relaxation” course “Méditation and Mouvement” course

“Pilated Inspiration” course

* ALTO is the CIS health space. The philosophy of the place is to consider the person as a whole. That is why ALTO Espace santé takes care of your physical and mental health by offering spinning, Pilates, yoga or sheathing classes, as well as psychological support and psychotherapy.

Une bonne idée

Creator of cohesion offers many activities to improve lasting happiness and harmony at work.


Other proposals available soon

You wish to animate your seminar with a special activity ? Do not hesitate to ask us