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Tailor-made packages

A new experience, in your image.

A meeting to cultivate team spirit? Build or develop the company’s long-term vision? Stimulate creativity? Thank the employees?

In order to help you reach your objectives, our seminar offer is entirely adjustable to your needs.

We also offer team building activities or wellness capsules to brighten up your seminar experience.

Basic daily rate from CHF 65.00 per person

All-inclusive packages Seminars

We offer our all-inclusive packages to groups of 5 or more people. They differ in the choice of meals but contain all the following services :

  • room rental
  • technical equipment
  • 2 coffee breaks,  a sweet one in the morning and a more salty one in the afternoon
  • midday meal
 Package No.1
 Full day  per person CHF 65.00
 With a salad or soup, a main dish and the dessert of the day at Restaurant le Partage.


 Package No.2
 Half-day (morning or afternoon, your choice)  per person CHF 55.00
 With a salad or soup, main dish and  the dessert of the day at Restaurant le Partage.


 Morning and afternoon breaks “à la carte”  per person  CHF 12.00
 Welcome Coffee Viennoiseries  per person  CHF 7.50


Banquets and meetings

A special event to celebrate? A family reunion? A birthday? At the Domain, we are here to support you in the special moments of your life.

With each season, we offer a selection of dishes that you can select at you convenience to compose your own menu, from 10 people.

On a daily basis, we offer vegetarian, vegan alternatives or  fish based dishes for people who do not eat meat.

Please, do not hesitate to inform us about any food allergies so that we can adapt our dishes to meet everyone’s needs.

Access to our parking space.

To accommodate our clients, we have an open free of charge parking space. However, it only has a small number of spaces available. For this reason, we kindly ask you to prioritize the public transportations or to park your car in the Nuithonie parking lot which isn’t far away from our establishment. 

Please consult our annexed access plan to the Domain which will provide you with all the needed details whenever you decide to use public transportation or a car.