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“Centre d’Intégration Socioprofessionnelle” (CIS)

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The Domaine? A human adventure.

Behind the management of the Domaine CIS. The Centre for Socio-professional Integration is a non-profit foundation recognised as a public utility by the State of Fribourg.

The CIS’s mission is to contribute to the professional integration and well-being of people with disabilities and/or difficulties integrating into society through appropriate support and environment.

We offer employment to people with physical, psychological or mental disabilities as well as to those with integration difficulties. We offer insured persons sent by the AI office, private insurance and other services, the possibility of carrying out internships for the purpose of their reintegration into the first labour market.

The CIS operates as a social enterprise. The supreme body is the Foundation Board. It must meet market requirements by providing quality work on time. The administrative services support our 7 departments in their daily activities.

Our fields of activity are varied and allow us to offer jobs in sectors as diverse as subcontracting, logistics, administrative servicesfacility management, professional evaluation and reintegration, catering, stewardship, health, well-being and hotel services restauration.

The CIS employs some 160 people in adapted positions and about 300 people in AI internships per year who are supervised by about sixty professional specialists and socio-professional masters.

The Domaine allows us to offer our beneficiaries jobs close to the conditions of the first market. We are pleased to have people with disabilities on our team in all sectors, from reception to service, from stewardship to cooking.


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